Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Les comento que este sitio es ideal por muchas razones. Se puede escuchar, leer y ver la historia, todo al mismo tiempo. Incluso hay uno desde donde se pueden imprimir las palabras.

Les sugiero explorarlo ustedes primero, para ir viendo cuál adoptarían para qué clase. Algunos son para muy chiquitos, en otros se pueden elegir las historias por categorías, etc.

Que lo disfruten y cuéntenme luego qué les parece y si lo adoptaron, díganme cómo les fue.


Roxana said...

I love your blog!
I don't know where you got my e-mail to send me this page, but i'm glad to be here!!

I'm a primary teacher and there are some topics very interesting for me...

Go on with this!

Lovely, Miss Roxana

Alicia in England said...

Dear Roxana

Thanks so much for your words!

I'm so glad you think the blog is useful. You are welcome to recommend it to your friends.

Thanks again and would like to hear from you soon!



Anonymous said...

Your blog is fantastic!!!and also very useful for me...
I teach English both in Elementary and Secondary schools.
Thanks for the links you advice!
Are you teaching there in England? Which level?
Thanks a lot!!!!

Ana María Rozzi de Bergel said...

Dear ALicia,

It is a joy to read your blog and to see how active you are over there. By the way, I have a British grandson. His name is Ethan Alexander Yarnold Bergel. Gorgeous.


Ana María

Alicia in England said...

Dear Paulina,

thanks for your comment!

Yes, up until February I worked as an English tutor over here.

My pupils were mostly mothers from Afghanistan, Ghana, Turkey, Somalia, Poland, at state schools.

I say mothers because while their children were attending classes, they came to study too.

We were usually offered the library or a spare room where I would have modern equipment at my disposal, basically computers (all of them with internet connection), interactive whiteboards with projectors, etc.

I worked in boroughs where most of the community came from the countries I mentioned. Almost all of them were refugees and came to live in this country, fleeing from wars and political persecution.

It was an enriching experience for sure. One day I may upload some photos and write about it.

What do you think?

Alicia in England said...

Dear Ana María,

Thanks again! Please, do let me know when you come over here to see your grandson!

Jacqueline said...

I just LOVED this site, it has plenty of stories.
Lovely!!!! keep researching!!!
And thanks!

Alicia in England said...

Thanks Jacqueline!

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