Sunday, 22 April 2007

Class Distinction

La conocen? Es Kate Middleton, hasta la semana pasada, novia no oficial de Wills.

Mucho se escribió sobre ella, sobre todo en los diarios del domingo pasado.

Pero este domingo apareció un pequeño artículo (escrito por Peter Hitchens) en The Mail on Sunday acerca de la distinción de clases a través del acento.


Sensible Kate Middleton, to have escaped while she still could. Life as a performing seal in the Royal Circus would have been miserable for her.

What about the supposed snobbery directed at her and her mother by William's friends? I wonder if any of them could hold down a proper job.

But there is a point to people's petty distinctions. Class in Britain (well, England really) is about language, because it has its roots in 1066 and all that. We are still either Normans, Saxons, or in-betweens. And I suspect we get on better if we know where we stand in relation to others.

Being lower-upper middle class myself, I had to learn when to say 'lavatory', when to say 'toilet' and when to say 'loo'. I know where I can expect to be snubbed, and by whom. It doesn't bother me but perhaps helps me learn not to do it to others.

Whenever my Hampshire grandfather heard some nobleman claiming his ancestors had come over in 1066, he would thicken his majestic Porstmouth burr and rumble: 'And mine were at the Hastings, waiting for them.' In a way, they still are. Hastings rages on forever in the hearts of proper English people. Out of that conflict, never really resolved, came our wonderful adversarial system of government, and our freedom.

And in any case, I'd much rather have a country divided by class than by money.

Qué tal, eh? Me gustaría saber qué piensan, sobre todo de la última oración.

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Marcela said...

Qué pienso de la ultima oración? Siento desprecio por cualquier forma de pensar que veo como correcta cualquier forma de diferenciación y discriminación. La diferenciación en clases sociales me parece bastante deleznable, por su falta de permeabilidad: o se nace noble, o no. A lo sumo se adquiere la categoria por matrimonio, pero tampoco tanto. Un sistema de división social que descree que la posibilidad de evolución y ascenso me parece despreciable y que haya gente que aun hoy lo propugne, peligroso.

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