Sunday, 5 November 2006

ski jargon

Esta lista la encontré en un suplemento especial de The Sunday Times.

Sé que está por llegar el verano, pero no viene mal para aprender, no?

Jargon buster


Riding the edges of your skis to produce the fastest, smoothest turns on piste


Off-piste skiing. Recently fatter, longer skis have changed the way deep snow is tackled, allowing for a wider variety of turn shapes


Terrain-park skiing, which has taken on the look of snowboarding. There’s a vast lexicon of constantly changing names for the jumps (tricks), which includes the . . .

Switch 900

Skiers take off backwards, spin 900 degrees (2.5 rotations) and land face-forward down the mountain.

Source: The Sunday Times, November 5 2006

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