Saturday, 4 November 2006


Artículo aparecido en el diario Metro


Maybe chavs aren't so, well, chavish after all. For
they have just been awarded the 'honour' of a place in
a leading English dictionary.

The obiquitous chav is defined as 'a young
working-class person who dresses in casual sports
clothes (perhaps from Romany chavi- a child).

There are also entries for chavette (the female
equivalent), and the adjectives chavish and chavtastic
(suitable or designed for chavs).

They are among 1,500 new words to make it into the new
edition of the Collins English Dictionary- reflecting
the latest trends in language and culture.

Also in there is yarco (East Anglian), ned (Scottish),
Asbo (the acronym for the anti-social behaviour order)
and property porn (a genre of escapist TV programmes,
magazine features, etc showing desirable properties
for sale). Other new words in clude adultescent (an
adult who is still actively interested in youth
culture), and retrosexual (a heterosexual man who
spends little time and money on his appearance).

Sport is well represented. Tapping up is defined as
'the illicit practice of attempting to recruit a
player while he is still bound by contract to another
team'- as demostrated by last weeks Ashley Cole

Bouncebackability is 'the ability to recover after a
setback, esp in sport'.

Collins Dictionary editor-in-chief Jeremy Butterfield
said: 'These new words portray a vibrant,
multicultural society finding new ways to express
itself and describe the world around it.'

Source: Metro newspaper Thrusday June 9 2005
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