Saturday, 4 November 2006

Slang again!

Otro artículo aparecido en Metro


Are you a butter mouth or a mad haddock?

Do you talk apple sauce on a night out with friends?

The first dictionary of food slang sheds light on
these and some of the other 9,000 terms in use that
have their roots in everyday food and drink.

The Language of Food, produced by Batchelor's
Supernoodles, charts the history of food slang from
Shakespeare's day to the latest rap songs.

It reveals that a butter mouth is a flatterer, a mad
haddock is an idiot and apple sauce is nonsense.

In the top ten of slang, pole position goes to
chicken, with 97 meanings, including coward and a
young girl.

In second, with 77 meanings each, is bread - used, for
example, to describe money or fingers - and tea, which
can mean a party or marijuana.

Among other top ood slang words are fish, butter, meat
and apple.

Source: Metro newspaper, Friday June 10 2005
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